The Wildlife Trusts

Community storytelling and documentaries for The Wildlife Trusts (2022). Combining facilitation, story and ceremony with nature, conservation and film making with Gani Naylor. Inviting story into community conservation, reminding people how to ‘be’ around story, pausing in nature… Facilitator: Sam CrosbyDocumentary: Gani Naylor Working closely with five trusts in the south west, particularly Dorset Wildlife […]

Recalling Fire

Oral storytelling at the edge of the world Recalling Fire is an oath to restore our wonder for life. Share in mythical words handed down from our forebears. Follow your deep animal intuition to be still. Meet others. Maybe, in the twilight, meet yourself. Find out more about Recalling Fire – oral storytelling events and community.

The Bio-Leadership Project

Story Lead for The Bio-Leadership Project and fellow of The 2021 Bio-Leadership Fellowship. The Bio-Leadership Project is a loving, resilient support system for people working with nature to change the world for the better. What does it mean to lead with love? How can we hospice old systems? How would nature change leadership?


Thank you for being here. My name is Sam. I live in Cornwall with my intrepid wife and prognosis-defying son. I believe the world would be a richer place – it might even help us out of the global crises we’re facing – if we could witness, accept and celebrate darkness as well as light.  […]

How we’ll work together

The right words can mean everything. But words shouldn’t ‘mean’. They should stir. And stick. And babble and rabble and squabble and sass. Even masters of oral traditions tell us not to focus too much on the words. What matters is the feeling… Meaningful connection… Shared purpose… Story. Go to the homepage to find out […]


A handful of my latest published work: Edges of Dark (celebrating life’s contrasts)Poetry collection: coming Summer 2022. Ernest JournalContributing writer investigating the power of science fiction as a mirror to society. Fighting Back From The FringesPoetry with The Wildlife Trusts for the protection of Britain’s hedgerows: All Good Divorces Invitation #2Cornwall’s art, design and writing […]

Spoken word poetry

BBC Radio: National spoken word performances:

Speak Out

Speak Out brand consultant and facilitatorListen in. Find your voice. Speak Out.Online, interactive workshops.Brand development, content and course facilitation. See more here.

Reintroducing Beaver to UK

A poetry collaboration with The Wildlife Trusts and 26 Writers. Two spoken-word performances, four features, an illustrated short, photo series and a book. “The Story’s Not Over” highlights our vulnerable species, raising vital funds for The Wildlife Trusts. We need to act fast. The sight of a beaver Ripples spill out across the pondand beaver cruises […]

Youth at G7

Facilitator for Future Leaders Network (2021)Working with youth leaders from Y7, the youth engagement group for the G7, to prepare media-ready speeches and bring voice, purpose and passion to policy.

What If?

What If? A short film series in collaboration with Simon Cohen*. Six hopeful questions, from death and #BlackLivesMatter to Lockdown life. 350,000 views. Co-writer and video editor. *If you recognise Simon’s voice, you’ve probably listened to BBC Radio 2’s Pause For Thought.