On Workshops and Facilitation…

There’s a spark to Sam and his spirit. As someone who’s been in the communications, branding, purpose field for more than twenty years, it’s quite humbling and exciting to be in an environment with someone like Sam and have my beginners eyes and ears on.
– Simon Cohen, Keynote Speaker

Sam is a thoughtful, considerate and passionate facilitator, working to bring about a very necessary and very inspiring change to the world. It was a joy to work with him, his creativity was instrumental in us initiating the Bio-Leadership Fellowship which has become a global family.
– Andres Roberts, The Bio-Leadership Project

Sam has a calm, gentleness, and quiet empathy with people’s personal stories, finding him was a gift. His techniques of using song and poetry, personal stories and insights, immersive nature activities and his strength in bringing people together, resulted in a transformational and deeply personal insight into the project.
– Anona Dawson, The Wildlife Trusts

My journey with Sam has been one of simultaneous expansion and introspection. He offers a supportive space where ideas and dreams can be seeded, tended to and ultimately allowed to gently flourish. With Sam uncertainty and ‘not knowing’ are welcomed and the infolding journey is as important as the destination. Skilled at balancing a deeply expansive approach with a firm focus on North star, Sam both a creative partner and solid pair of hands to journey with you.
– Stella McKenna (Leadership Guide)

Sam has a gift with words. But crucially, he understands the business objective behind his words. I particularly appreciate Sam’s desire to understand and influence the bigger picture. In my opinion, he’s one to watch.
— Ben Harper (MD Watergate Bay)

It was always a delightful experience wandering through ideas with his perspective. He pushed boundaries, he inspired, he conceptualised, visualised, and executed projects that I am deeply proud of working on with him.
— Lynsey Thornthwaite (Brand Communications Manager Another Place)

I think it’s spot on. It’s just so evocative! And a perfect example of the design mantra that “the best design is when there is nothing more you can take away”.
— Simon Tapscott (Publisher Circus Journal)

It amazed me how Sam & Gani could enter the world in which I have worked for several years, and within two weeks captured the core of each student’s existence and what had inspired them to achieve so many things within the beautiful world of nature. Sam told a tale of how fires first emerged and imaginations soared with the flames. One of the students, who rarely talks, shared his stories with passion around a campfire they’d built.
— Heather Sharp (Foundation Lecturer at The Bournemouth & Poole College).

On Storytelling…

‘I feel soothed to my bones’.
– Participant (Recalling Fire)

‘Mud-musk and metal-tangs bleed on its edge’ – just a taster of the razor-sharp imagery in Sam Crosby’s poetry.
— Lisa Andrews (@curiouswriterLA)

Sam’s TED talk was a beautifully crafted set of fireside tales. Sharing insight and immense vulnerability around masculinity and fatherhood. He moved the audience to tears. A talk to remember.
— Jen Andrews (TED)

I find it refreshing to talk to Sam, who is open about the lens of awe through which he sees the world. During the times I have spent with him, I have enjoyed creating a ‘moment’ of pause, not rushing through the time but either breathing in the beautiful place we walked, sharing spontaneous song, or a grounded conversation. It is rare to meet someone actively seeking deeper conversation and connection.
— Hannah Temme (Activist and friend)

Samuel Crosby draws an unexpected and thought-provoking analogy between surfing and battle. A real eye-opener.
— Ed Prichard (26 Writers)


I award 5 stars for adventurousness, buttock definition AND boxer selection. Well done.
—  Al Humphreys (Author of Microadventures and Grand Adventures)

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