Oral storyteller and workshop guide helping people to find deeper connections in life and business

In this modern, rational, atheist society of ours…

Don’t we all long for deeper connections?

Laments as well as love songs.

Meaningful bonds with each other and the world beyond our human shapes.

I am the founder of Recalling Fire: immersive, traditional oral storytelling experiences, a public speaker, workshop guide and professional oral storyteller.

I believe old, mythic stories have the power to bring back community wholeness and make this world a richer place.


I’m Sam, in Cornwall.

When my first son was born with a profound brain disorder I was hurled into a chasm of self-reflection and vulnerability. Mythically speaking, I went down to the underworld. And for all the chaos and pain… It was the making of me.

Now I gather people and call up stories. We work in wildness and community, seeking to meet our feathered, furred, scruffy selves. It’s my hope that we can become a little less busy, a little more wild and come to see ourselves in one another and nature as we face the challenging years ahead.

And for those wondering, our prognosis-defying son is a happy boy, charting his own mythic course, and we’ve come to terms with life as parent-carers. I wouldn’t begin to try imagining life without his light.

Working with intrepid communities

I offer a warm-hearted, myth-rooted approach to sensemaking and relationship building in organisations, communities and movements.

Guest speaking, offsites, workshops, tools and consultancy. Alongside activists, conservationists, creatives and leaders, I host experiences guided by traditional oral stories, nature and a decade of brand communications experience.

At the core of every project is deep listening and shared experience.

Fair warning: only the bravest organisations should seek to urge their people into mythic terrain…

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Oral storytelling community and events

I am the founder of Recalling Fire: an oral storytelling initiative which seeks to reignite our wonder for life.

Guided by mythology, Zen Buddhism and nature-connection practices, Recalling Fire invites people into the oral tradition and – most significant of all – rare moments of sharing in community. The three most used words from participants describing the Recalling Fire experience are ‘soothing’, ‘unusual’ and ‘powerful’.

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Past projects

What do people say about this work?

Andres Roberts, The Bio-Leadership Project:

Sam is a thoughtful, considerate and passionate facilitator, working to bring about a very necessary and very inspiring change to the world. It was a joy to work with him, his creativity was instrumental in us initiating the Bio-Leadership Fellowship which has become a global family.

Stella McKenna, Leadership Consultant:

Sam offers a supportive space where ideas and dreams can be seeded, tended to and ultimately allowed to gently flourish. With Sam uncertainty and ‘not knowing’ are welcomed and the unfolding journey is as important as the destination. Skilled at balancing a deeply expansive approach with a firm focus on North star, Sam is both a creative partner and solid pair of hands to journey with you.

Ben Harper, CEO Watergate Bay group:

Sam has a gift with words. But crucially, he understands the business objective behind his words. I particularly appreciate Sam’s desire to understand and influence the bigger picture. In my opinion, he’s one to watch.

Anona Dawson, The Wildlife Trusts:

Sam has a calm, gentleness, and quiet empathy with people’s personal stories, finding him was a gift. His techniques of using song and poetry, personal stories and insights, immersive nature activities and his strength in bringing people together, resulted in a transformational and deeply personal insight into the project.

Simon Cohen, Keynote Speaker:
Sam is probably the best listener I’ve ever met. And this is such a great gift in group work, he’s able to be fully present to truly listen with his whole body and soul, getting to the integrity and value set of the groups he works with.

If you want to know more

You might take something from past projects or 16 things I believe.

If you have a project in mind, be in touch at hello@samuelcrosby.com. I don’t always have availability, so the sooner we can speak, the better.

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