(Ask me about any of them)

  1. In the end, stories are all we have.
  2. Equal. Rights.
  3. Grief has a knack for dissolving the anaesthetic of day-to-day life. You don’t have to be okay.
  4. ‘Gut reaction’ could be on our curriculum.
  5. Surfing is for everybody.
  6. We should climb trees, not ladders.
  7. The Who, not The Beatles. (Really it’s Queen, but let’s not do this here?)
  8. Board games are not what you remember. Clever mechanics, interesting decisions and real human contact.
  9. Life would be different if we chose to stop smiling for the camera.
  10. If you are British and you eat the last biscuit on the plate, you are a psychopath.
  11. Working alone is never as sweet.
  12. Nothing is finished.
  13. You cannot fix a problem with words.
  14. Nettle stings are brilliant.
  15. The Jurassic Park theme tune is the best arrangement of sounds known to man.
  16. Deep connections can be created with authentic stories. Shall we talk about yours?