What next?

Whether you’re working on a script, a loving card or a call to arms, your people don’t want fancy-footing or complexity.

They want a feeling, a connection.

A story.

I have an idea.

I’ve been telling stories professionally for 12 years, making deep and authentic connections between people, organisations and audiences.

Writer. Poet (The Wildlife Trusts, Bloomsbury Festival, Imperial War Museums), short story author (All Good Divorces), brand and feature writer (Watchful Mary, Another Place Hotels, Stranger Collective).

Collaborator. Spoken word (Sprout Spoken), film editor (What If with Simon Cohen) and theatre maker (Dartington College of Arts).

Visual artist. Photographer (Edges of Darkness exhibition, Boardmasters festival press) and filmmaker (various shorts).

All of my skills are available when we work together, but we’ll hone in on the best ones to serve our purpose. I can go away and make something for you, or we can play in the mud together.

Creative writer: I could write you a short story, a feature, a poem

Stories to move people, leaning in, learning, crying, laughing along.

Maybe you have a person, a place or a theme to get things started. Give me the scent and set me off on the chase.

Visual artist and collaborator: we could work together in film, workshops, scripts, art-meets-words

Maybe you have a concept or a platform or a few skills of your own. Maybe you need to add a writer to the team. I’m always open to new ideas.

Full disclosure: I prefer it when we share a point of view.

The professional storyteller.

International organisations trust my ‘eye’.

Applying my creativity to brand, I’ve stirred up hospitality, festival, travel and surf audiences all over the world. Content marketing, storytelling, photography. In-house copywriting, brand building, content management and a good chunk of SEO consulting in London agencies. I don’t love the technical stuff (can’t we just throw some paint around and see what happens?), but I bloody well know it.

I’ve been around the block, and every person, client, business and campaign has had one thing in common: interesting stories told well.

Check out some of the nice things people say about me or my abridged CV on LinkedIn.

But first…

There’s no telling where this might go, so let’s pick up the phone before we go any further.

I love to know the good bits – that’s you, your partner, your purpose, your place, your values, your audience, the works.

Let’s make a connection.

I’m not always free to take on new projects. If you know there’s something on the horizon get in touch now.