Stunning writing from @mrcrosbay. “Mud-musk and metal-tangs” so evocative
— Bridget (@words_and_page)

I think it’s spot on. It’s just so evocative! And a perfect example of the design mantra that “the best design is when there is nothing more you can take away”.
— Simon Tapscott (Publisher Circus Journal)

Remember the Flash mob? Really interesting article by Samuel Crosby on Rockstar CMO who talks to the guy that started it all and looks at their relevance now in experiential marketing…
— Ian Truscott (Editor Rockstar CMO)

Samuel Crosby draws an unexpected and thought-provoking analogy between surfing and battle. A real eye-opener, discovering new things every day in this fantastic project.
— Ed Prichard (@ed_prichard)

‘Mud-musk and metal-tangs bleed on its edge’ – just a taster of the razor sharp imagery in today’s @26characters @IWM_Centenary from @MrCrosbay inspired by Hawaiian surfing legend Duke Kahanamoku.
— Lisa Andrews (@curiouswriterLA)