Thank you for being here.

My name is Sam. I live in Cornwall with my intrepid wife and prognosis-defying son.

I believe the world would be a richer place – it might even help us out of the global crises we’re facing – if we could witness, accept and celebrate darkness as well as light. 

Have you ever been moved?

I have. My tears and laughter come for stories passed around a fire, live music, family tragedy.

Once, I was a “man’s man”, but when my firstborn came with serious challenges, I changed. The specter of my neglected emotions came floating by and I managed to snatch the first glimpses of my deeper longing.

I’ve come to see that happiness is a small aspiration. We deserve to be fulfilled and nourished.

And now I want to facilitate the same for others.

My ambition is to move you

Aha moments. Reflections. Little sneaking ideas to bring you into the moment.

Living a life alight with deep love and deep pain, I’m closer to the beauty of the world than I’ve ever been. I can see through the anesthetic of attention-grabbing media and the pitfalls of victimhood. I know how to authentically connect.

And it begins with pause.

Find out more about my work in language and story.

My gift to you is storytelling

Come sit.
Shrug off that thick skin.
We were tricked by ‘day-to-day’ and ‘common sense’ but now we know better.

Who is that under there? What is the story you’re nurturing in the depths?

I don’t always have availability, but I’m always willing to meet purposeful people.

If you’re ready to talk, contact me.

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