How we’ll work together

The right words can mean everything.

But words shouldn’t ‘mean’. They should stir. And stick. And babble and rabble and squabble and sass.

Even masters of oral traditions tell us not to focus too much on the words.

What matters is the feeling… Meaningful connection… Shared purpose…


Since 2022 I’ve been hosting a series of campfire excursions on the Cornish coast to bring this work to small communities, led by story, myth and nature. Find out more at

It all starts with purpose.

I’ve been telling stories professionally for 12 years.

And since my little family was dealt a killer blow in 2019, I’ve learned to find the depth in hard times, making heartfelt and authentic connections between people, organisations and audiences.

If you have a meaningful purpose, I can do the same for you.

If you’re not sure about your purpose, that’s where campfire comes in…

Inner or outer work? Both?

I work with purposeful individuals and organisations.

There are two strands we could follow…

  1. Inner work: What is the message? If you want to answer a call within yourself or your organisation, this is a time for us to explore. I can help you weave coherence in the stories representing you and what you really care about. Leaning on my 10+ years of comms experience, I’ll help you ‘echolocate’ your story. Poetry, spoken word, stories, wild walks and big open skies to go along with our work of the heart.
  2. Outer work: How can we capture the message? If you want to galvanise a movement, spread hope or celebrate, we can work together to put stories to the page and the lens. Keynotes, hosting, videos, podcasts. I’m happiest at campfires, but conference halls, festivals and recording studios will do too.

A little bit of history.

I am an oral storyteller and wild walker. But I’ve found other gifts on the road that led us both here…

Spoken word artist. Poet, narrator, storyteller (BBC Radio, The Wildlife Trusts, Cornwall Space Port, Blystra Arts, Sprout Spoken, Dartington College of Arts).

Collaborator and facilitator. Workshops (Future Leaders Network, Speak Out, Cornwall College, What If with Simon Cohen).

Creative writer. Poetry (Bloomsbury Festival, Imperial War Museums), creative features (Ernest Journal, 26 Writers), short stories (All Good Divorces, Cornwall Writers).

Brand writer. Copy and content, brand writing, development and guidelines (The Bio-Leadership Project, Simon Cohen, Stranger Collective).

All of my skills are available when we work together and we’ll hone in on the best ones to serve your purpose.

Full disclosure: I prefer it when we share a point of view.

The professional storyteller.

International organisations trust my ‘eye’.

Applying my creativity to brand, I’ve stirred up movements to challenge the cimate crisis and campaigns helping entrepreneurs to find their purpose. Content marketing, storytelling, photography. In-house copywriting, brand building, content management and a good chunk of consulting in London agencies. I don’t love the technical work but I know it well.

I’ve been lucky to have my head in industries and geographies all over the world… and every person, oganisation and campaign with texture and verve has had one thing in common: interesting stories told well.

Check out some of the nice things people say about me or my abridged CV on LinkedIn.

But first…

I love to know the important things – that’s you, your partner, your purpose, your place, your values, your audience – so let’s pick up the phone before things go any further..

I’m not always free to take on new projects. If you know there’s something on the horizon get in touch now.