"Yellow" Copywriting Brief

D&AD copywriting mini brief challenge with Havas Helia: “Yellow”.


He’s a funny old boy really isn’t he, Yellow? Of course it depends on when he turns up.

No doubt you’ve seen him at his best and his worst. Vacuous post-its, innocuous rubber duckies, and the beating heart of summer love. Mind-searing moments stacked on throwaway memories.

Yellow yellow yellow.

Desert plain, sunrise, pyramids, snow steam.
Mellow-bellied submarine, lorry, ‘nana, fever dream.
Dijon, English, Colonel Mustard.
Mind the spill, daffodil, camambert, custard.
Lemon zest, fresh bread, pineapple, roux.
Monty Burns, Pudsy Bear, Superted, Pikachu.
Not forgetting History in Trivial Pursuit.

As the more astute man on the street knows, Yellow’s always been there. Coward bellied. Sure. But boy does he put the time in. Jim Hightower reckons:

“The Middle of the road is for Yellow lines and dead armadillos.”

It’s true Jim. Even dead fish don’t go with the flow. But aren’t the Yellow lines a shining light? Even in the doldrums of middleness. Aren’t they the way, and the way back? The breadcrumb trail and the climber’s rope?

Our mate Vincent Van Gogh said:

“There is no blue without Yellow.”

And if Vincent Van Bleedin’ Gogh said it, I’m on board. You should be too.

So let’s have a minute for Yellow and his hard yards, his reliability. Go on the Yellow.

And if you’ve ever thought, even for a second, that you could get by without Yellow, think again. Or Mrs Purple will be around with the rolling-pin and her sleeves rolled up.