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Guest edit. Round up the best filmic content from the worlds of surf and skate.

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    French Fred

The result of an innocuous pile of metal tubing, a handy skater and a filmmaker who thinks about things in a way you don’t.

Fred Mortagne is no small name in skating. Here, he takes us back to a classical age; a time when art whispered, inferred, suggested. In this stalling, scrapbook edit, we see the human form flashing by in a geometric, industrial landscape. And my my, if it doesn’t do it in style.

    Psychic Migrations

Make no mistake. This is a surf film. Sepia tones, rushing water, long, wistful piano notes and sitar drones. Cinematic shots finally break away to the first glimpse of surfing. It’s almost 15 minutes long and, although the slow-motion sequences give us viewers the conspiratorial glimpses we crave, it’s featured in this roundup for one specific reason. Style.

To quote the YouTube comment: “Rainbow fish soul arch!”

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