A titan of an ad man once said that all copywriters could improve by writing poetry. So I started giving it a go.

Snippets of animal life on mainland Fiji.

Tiny Heart

Joints crack gentle touch
Bones clunk
Ribcage tick-tocks
Knock knees and rattle breaths
Weightless weight in cradle arms

Tiny teeth
Tiny heart
Tiny bark

Hunger burns
Pack order chills
Eggs fresh boiled, gingerly fed
Trash toppled
Enough for the night
Enough for a night

Plush, plump meat
Home nation’s joyful celebration
So distant

Old in life mere weeks along
Eyes alone in youthful shine
Two words bleed tears
Wretched puppy

No longer

How fickle our geography


Crashing Through Trees

Heavy air
Rainforest close
Horse legs scramble
Wet, sheer rock
Heels kick, whip licks
Eyes roll white as teeth lip-draw revealed
Flanks froth slick
Blind stream bubbles
Flora sucks its sympathy deep

Then crossing, breathless made
Pregnant seconds passed

Thumping thunks like fanfare call
Grateful hooves slop thick, new mud
Forest trees and fauna let go wide breath

Escape made good
Slave and brutal master both