You just need the right words.

Whether you’re writing a soppy birthday card or a print ad, your audience doesn’t want fancy words. They want a feeling. A story. Together, we’ll find the best way to tell yours.

I have what you need.

After 15-odd years of writing, I’ve ended up with two hats. When we work together, you choose which one I wear.

The first hat has creative writer scrawled on it. I wear it for poetry publications, spoken word performances and short stories.

The other is much smarter — maybe it’s a fedora — and it says copywriter in sharp print. That means I can help you with things like this…

Copywriting: campaign lines and bouncy rhymes.

We’ll tell the stories to get your audience leaning in, taking action.

Headlines, brand campaigns, web copy, signs for the shop window. And when the time comes we’ll stand up together to present to the board.

Full disclosure: I’d prefer to give you a poem.

Add a professional storyteller to your team.

I’ve stirred up hospitality, festival, travel and surf audiences for agencies and brands all over the world.

Features, in-house copywriting, brand development and a good chunk of SEO Management for agencies in London. Check out my LinkedIn profile.

But first…

I won’t touch anything without knowing the audience and the subject – that’s you, your partner, your customers, the works. It’s an added bonus if we share a point of view.

So let’s get to know each other (I never charge for a first chat).

I’m not always free to take on new projects. If you know there’s something on the horizon get in touch now.