Hello, it’s me Sam

I’m a surfer, photographer and musician. But that’s just a cover for the board-gaming, fantasy fiction nerd inside.

Let’s get rid of bad advertising

Growing up, I knew ads were getting away with murder. They were out there, trudging in three-minute hollows and peeling away from bus stops. Bone-idle, hackneyed ideas; meandering scripts; lazy calls to action; muddy values. Lemmings, the lot of them.

When I learned that copywriters were the ones who could do something about it, I became one. It turns out, we don’t have to stand for bad advertising.

Words are the clothes ideas wear

What makes the difference between good and bad advertising? Copy. Words. From straplines to the briefs they start as.

It doesn’t matter how far we get with technology or how much our audiences change. Ideas will always rely on words.

Powerful words like fearless and underdog.

Words you can feel in your cheeks. Squabble. Pat. Crag.

Those words that come in threes. Dream, dream, dream.

And words that give you pause, like immigrant. And ignorant.

I borrow words every day. And I do it to help brands meet their customers.

I’ll write your straplines, #hashtags and brand copy. I’ll bring SEO experience to web content, strategy to briefs and colour to campaigns. If you like, I’ll stand up and present to the board too.

Hemingway did it best. He wrote stories as short as six words long. That’s copywriting in a nutshell.

In a nutshell

Hire me.

Advertise well.

Sell more.

Let my work do the talking.

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