Credit: Johny Goerend

  1. The best ideas aren’t easy. They’re simple.
  2. The Who, not The Beatles.
  3. Board games are back. Clever mechanics, interesting decisions and real human contact.
  4. Crossing the finishing line alone is never as sweet.
  5. No, I don’t mean Monopoly. Start with Catan and work up.
  6. Slowly but surely, I’m understanding the pitfalls of perfectionism.
  7. Hangovers are a 3 step process. Attenborough. Orange Juice. Coffee.
  8. Isms are the bricks and mortar of society. They give copywriters a chance.
  9. Creatives have their own special type of lactic acid and blank pages are the steepest climbs.
  10. Surfing is for everybody.
  11. Target practice is the spice of life. Give me a ball and three tries to get it in that bucket, you’ll have me forever.
  12. Pizza. Burrito. Burger. In that order.
  13. We were not designed to use screens. Fortunately, they won’t last.
  14. “Because I’m your mother” was an exercise in frustration and injustice. Nothing prepared me more for adulthood.
  15. The Jurassic Park theme tune is the best arrangement of sounds known to man.
  16. I know two international languages: music and table football.

Also, bad adverts make me angry. Shall we do something about it?

That’s about all I can say. Let my work do the rest.